Suheir Hammad - First Writing Since

The Palestinian American poet’s experience of 9/11 and racism.

one more person asked me if i knew the hijackers.
one more motherfucker asked me what navy my brother is in.
one more person assumed no arabs or muslims were killed.
one more person assumed they know me, or that i represent a people.
or that a people represent an evil. or that evil is as simple as a
flag and words on a page.

we did not vilify all white men when mcveigh bombed oklahoma.
america did not give out his family’s addresses or where he went to
church. or blame the bible or pat robertson.

and when the networks air footage of palestinians dancing in the
street, there is no apology that hungry children are bribed with
sweets that turn their teeth brown. that correspondents edit images.
that archives are there to facilitate lazy and inaccurate

and when we talk about holy books and hooded men and death, why do we
never mention the kkk?

Full text here.

so many tears

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