[tw: sexist and heterosexist slurs]

Some say hey- try being a lady,
Okay bitch i will if you promise to fucking pay me.
Lady like? Oh you mean a dyke always ready to fight
cause if you touch me i might just fucking fight,
fuck it i will.
I got too much gutter flying from my tongue
If it was 92, NWA would have appeared to be nuns
 cause I’m just saying the reals of life, and obvious ones.
Pussy dudes lift weights i’m a woman i lift tons.

 Try being a lady ?
Oh you mean you want me to act catty and shady,
play with me like a doll, degrade me then trade me?
Use me as your trophy so that you can parade me?
Use my pussy to only birth babies?
Be your damsel in distress so a prince can save me?
Cause if my tongue was a trigger you’d have just been shot.
Get real i’mma stay inappropriate till I fukking rot.
I don’t talk about love, I don’t talk about sex, I don’t talk about things that’ll put your dick on erect.
I won’t pour you some tea, I won’t bake you some cookies,
I won’t be your next Ciara singing about my goodies.
I won’t speak when I’m spoken to, how about I speak when I choose,
 I don’t care if you the press, I’m gonna speak my views.
I won’t be what you want, I won’t be what you ask,
how about some of you LADIES show your real face- cause I’ve already ripped off my mask,
I won’t cooperate with you 
and the ones who do- follow these rules- I do pity these fools
cuz evidently they’re stupid enough to drown themselves
in kiddie pools.

Cause I’m a knuckle popping, cock-blocking, dollar-stocking,
ear-shocking, brain-rocking, use the mic time for the tick-tocking,
boot-knocking, word-stocking, crude talking young lady,
Ima gut you up with triggerous word that’ll make you shut up,
leave you fucked up. 
I’m going to take your anti feminist views and skew them  into confetti,
leave you wraught by my word’s machete.
So go ahead and talk about how I need to contain my self,
should’ve insaned myself.
So you’re mad now? I’ll make you mad till you’re sick.
How about this?!
I’ll get a sex change operation so that you and half of America can officially suck my DICK. 

Now wait, maybe I’ve been too much of a smart ass and gave too much lip to you,
 How about this? I’m gonna put my hand on my hip for you,
is this lady like enough for you,

See none of this shit phased me,
I just want you all to think of me the next time you suggest someone to
try being a damn lady

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