[RACISM WARNING] This School is making me slowly become racist against asians







My dorm ahs an entire international floor right? They’re all asia. I don’t know they’re chinese, japanese, korean, whatever.

All I do know is that they keep stinking up the goddamn kitchen with their fucking forgein food an it makes me want to puke. I actually have to hold my breath if I want to cook something in there.

And Like, if anyone knows me, they know all I eat is the maericanized chinese and japanese food. But this shit. That they make. Oh my god. it’s terrible.

Sweetie, nobody’s making you racist.  You just are.

Congratulations, you fail at being a decent human being.

Not only racist, but apparently also does not understand how to use the spell check function.

 ROFL… shutupkristina, please take your own advice. Shut up.

Anyone know where she goes to school? I wanna go cook some really smelly stuff right in front of her door…

Maybe shutupkristiina if you don’t like your dorm you should just leave. 

I was about to consider that maybe you have a disability that causes you to become nauseous at certain smells (goodness knows I sometimes have that problem too) but given how you targeted Asians specifically and your racist language, I’m not going to give you a pass. 

^ commentary.  @shutupkristina: posts like this… seriously, what’s the point, other than JUST BEING RACIST FOR THE SAKE OF BEING RACIST?

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    Okay. So 1? Excellent pwnage. 2? Can you stop because you are making me extremely hungry and that all sounds a lot...
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    Oh my gods I am SO HUNGRY NOW.
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    AUGH I don’t know this is cutting me off. But, wow. I would so, so love some of that food.
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    i am sorry but the racism has been overwhelmed for me by the ENORMOUS FOOD BONER I CURRENTLY HAVE
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    "they keep stinking up the goddamn kitchen with their fucking foreign food" Are. You. Serious. “Slowly becoming racist”,...
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    uh oh you caught me guess the gig up oh no
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    ^All of the comments are just perfect. So many burns
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    I think the real question here is why is this girl dorming with a continent. Since they are all Asia and everything....
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    I think those Asian students are just being smart — they’re clearly conducting a covert campaign to chase the racist out...
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    shutthefuckup kristina. you already are racist against asians. weird since your blog is full off weeaboo bull shit.
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    Oh god, people from different cultures in an international dorm, what a concept, I never would have expected to find...
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    well, that’s an awesome response.