What I’ve learnt about cosplay tonight



According to all these “bad cosplay” blogs on here if you have one detail wrong, or aren’t wearing make-up or unfortuently have a bad picture taken your classed as a bad cosplayer. Plus apparently if your over 120 pounds your classed as a bad cosplayer too.

I thought cosplay was about having fun making a costume and having fun being that character. 

Apparently I was wrong.

Sorry but it just really annoys me. I know some of the pictures on these blog are of actually terrible cosplay but some are actually good and are picked on for stupid reasons.

One of the things that’s put me off cosplay a lot is these kind of blogs and people. If you don’t fit their kawaii sugoi ~perfect image~ then OMG WORST THING EVER.

IDK, I have awesome friends like you guys who cosplay, but there are so many cosplayers out there who are just vain, shallow and desperate for praise and to look good in comparison. It’s very high school-ish :P

Also if you’re not a white person cosplaying an Asian character… Well then…

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