can we get a Latina disney princess? thanks


[WARNING for anti-Latina stuff in all the responses, & massive white supremacist garbage from guide-me-home]




hell the fuck no

You have Dora, you don’t need anything else.

No, stop. The more you focus on racial equality, the more the racial barrier will be there. If the racial barrier is still there, racism will still be relevant in society. If you cast aside the whole focus on racism and racial equality, it will dissipate and there will be no need for forced equality because people will cease to notice.

The more you distinguish races and point out that there is a “need” for equality because people are different and are being treated differently, the more people will take notice and the race issues will prevail in our society.  Ironically enough, you’re making your problem worse by trying to improve it.

what the hell, damn trolls

@guide-me-home: uh ok i know this is old and i missed this when it happened.  but i happened to find this post so i’m gonna agree with everyone else calling you a racist asshat and saying that of course ignoring racism will not make it go away and of course bringing it up does not make it worse.  and really all your opinions on racism are garbage from what else i read.  you’re a whitesplaining, status-quo-wanking, bullying, smug, useless creep and you need to get off the internet forever.

[WARNING for above text: anti-Latina stuff in all the responses, & massive white supremacist garbage from guide-me-home]


No wait, actually, that’s not true…. 

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    TALKING ABOUT RACISM IS WHAT CAUSES RACISM! No wait, actually, that’s not true….
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    First three are p much all the white people I’ve ever interacted with ever…
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    Dora is from Nickelodeon. We have a Inca Emperor… why can’t we have a Latina Princess? She can be curvy and Saucy. And...
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    dora isn’t disney. and ew. dora can crawl in a hole and die.
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    lmao XD
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    y u mad, tho
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