TOJ “Uncontrol Rider”

Design collaboration between myself and TOJ. New Zealand lambskin and anaconda hide.

The fit could be a little squarer, a bit more oomph in the shoulders and a little wider in the chest would make it pop a little more. The anaconda definitely looks great, but I’d worry about how well it keeps its’ scales, especially on the wrist where it’ll be in constant motion and also zipper damage. 

Also curious about the lining… On the whole, this looks nice, but a little fragile? Which is something you can’t really get away with in a Brando.

(via harajuju)

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    WHY does he have to be so stylish AND incredibly cute affggfhdfghadaghadagh
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    The conflict between functionality as a bike jacket and as a fashion jacket are the root of my concerns/critique.
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    You’re basically suggesting that I make this jacket not-fitted, which is valid I guess, but it’s not what I was going...
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    might b my fav toj jacket eva
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    this sounded insane when I first heard it was being made and toj delivers again. Is it me or does the lamb seem thicker...