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Eventually, all apologist arguments in favour of cultural appropriation boil down to the same damn colonialist axiom: that white folks are automatically entitled to all the other peoples and riches of the world, nobody else is entitled to make any decisions re: said cultural and material treasures, and that telling them not to, for example, rob someone’s goddamned national treasures is just sooooooo unfair and (wait for it) … RACIST!

Thing is, whitey, that you are not special or entitled. The status quo that permits you to behave in such a way without consequence is neither universally agreed upon nor supported by the Council of All Peoples In the World. It was created and enforced through violence of the crusades and colonial expansion (to name a few) and is presently maintained through oppression in the form of e.g. silencing, stereotyping, dehumanizing and objectifying all of the Others, which is (you’ll never guess!) violence.

If you hurt someone, don’t expect them to be nice about it to you. Except that you do. And you are hurting a LOT of people. And you are WHINING BECAUSE YOU WERE TOLD SO AND ASKED TO STOP.

Because no matter how many genocides you’ve wreaked upon the earth, no matter how much suffering you still inflict upon so-called delicate ladyfolks, inferior races and primitive cultures, none of that can ever match the affront of said groups NOT BEING POLITE ABOUT IT.

So why shouldn’t we hit where it hurts and just be rude? It’s fucking funny.

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