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BLEHHHHH ON AARON HUEY. But Yay for Oglala Lakota’s, because we’re teh shit. 

wuling09: - talk by Aaron Huey - his legit website, with AMAZING photos.  One of my favourite series is his work done in the Pine Ridge reservation for the Lakota people - it looks at the nobility, and the poverty.  The work is incredible beautiful :).

He says, “The Lakota are one of many people who were moved off their land to prisoner of war camps - now called reservations.  The Pine Ridge Reservation…is sometimes referred to as Prisoner of War Camp #334, and it is where the Lakota now live.  

“I’m white, and that is a huge barrier on an Indian Reservation…On Pine Ridge, I will always be called washichu - a Lakota word that means “non-Indian”.  But, another version of this word means, “one who takes the best meat for himself”…It means greedy…If we look at our lives, we have indeed, taken the best part of the meat.  Let us look today, at a set of photographs of people who lost, so that we could gain…These photographs are not just of the Lakota, they stand for all indigenous people.

“The last chapter in any successful genocide, is one in which the oppressor can remove their hands and say, ‘My God! What are these people doing to themselves? They’re killing each other, they’re killing themselves, while we watch them die.” Prisoners are still born into prisoner of war camps, long after the guards are gone.   These are the bones left, after the best meat has been taken.

“As removed as we, the dominant society, may feel, from a massacre in 1890, or a series of broken treaties a hundred and fifty years ago, I still have to ask you the question, how should you feel about the statistics of today? …the suffering of indigenous people is not something simple to fix.  The fix, as it’s called, may be more difficult to the dominant society, than a $50 cheque, or a church trip to paint some graffiti covered houses, or a suburban family donating a box of clothes they don’t even want any more.  Honour the treaties, give back the black hills.”

It’s so powerful, so ignored, the significance of the indigenous people.  Peace cannot come while this remains so.  

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