Doublespeak has the power to warp conceptual thinking and it provides a woman with the wiggle-room she needs to serve her own power. Maneuverings of this type are how a woman can grab the portfolio of entitlements that is most attractive to her on any given day- and resist scrutiny as she does so. The list of doublespeak goes on and on and on. Whereby ‘misogynist’ means ‘male who criticizes any woman’. ‘Blaming the victim’ means ‘women aren’t responsible for what they do’. ‘No means no’ means ‘I want the man to take the heat if I have second thoughts after we have sex’. ‘Male-dominated world’ or ‘patriarchy’ or ‘oppression of women’ all mean ‘multi-purpose scapegoat’. ‘I like you as a friend’ means ‘I think you’re a chump’. ‘You can trust me’ means ‘I’ll tell your secrets to everyone at the nail-salon the first chance I get’.

Doublespeak is meant to confuse us so that when the time comes, we will solemnly decide to act against our own interests for something ‘greater’ than ourselves: benefitting women. Doublespeak will trick a man into abusing himself and other men- for the sole purpose of proving to a woman how ‘masculine’ he is. And since a woman believes her own doublespeak propaganda is truth, she can scream and point fingers when things don’t turn-out the way she wanted. She’ll claim the man is to blame because he refuses to ‘listen’ and ‘communicate’(!)


The Nice Guy

This makes me feel physically ill.

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This is double-plus ungood.

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