I drew this “Field Guide to Cultural Appropriators” for a zine about white privilege that Oscar and I just finished! So much problematic shit goes on at my school…

That “Middle Eastern” belly dance garb is, in fact, tribal belly dance costuming. Tribal belly dance borrows from many different cultures…Turkish, North African, Romani, Indian. It’s not appropriating anything, it’s inspired by it. 

I’m legitimately wondering why you sound so defensive about this post (particularly the part that references people who steal other people’s cultures and mix them all up together). Unless you are one of those people, what’s the problem?

Tribal bellydancing?

LOL. This was veganfemme’s hilariously overly defensive response to me “Because I’m a tribal belly dancer. And the problem is people like you asserting that it is STEALING when it’s not. As I already stated, American Tribal Style belly dance is inspired by many different styles of dance from many different cultures. You can call it stealing, I’ll just call you an asshole.”. It’s even more funny because my question wasn’t necessarily that accusatory (then again, if you ARE a fucking piece of shit cultural appropriator, then I guess it automatically pisses you off that I called you out), and then I’M THE ONE that got called an asshole. It’s great because the response alone proves I was right in the first place. WIN.

So damn transparent, that veganfemme… Why can’t people just admit when they’ve done/currently engage in appropriative acts? Oh, right, cause it would mean they have to apologize to people, fess up to being wrong about something, & then re-evaluate themselves. All that reflection just to avoid further hurting already marginalized groups is hard work, man!

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    Everyones a hypocrite.
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    Fish don’t notice water ‘til it’s out of it. But then white fish have drowned the world in their water so it’s not like...
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    I love it, I just wish you would’ve included the Keffiyeh, because I see people wear that everywhere
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    Field Guide to Cultural Appropriators
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    even though the line may be thin, there is a line (in my opinion) between appropriating a culture and embracing it,...
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    I consider myself a beginner bellydancer, and I am ignorant of a lot of the cultural context. But the outfits are...
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    "Tribal" is White Person for "Something To Do With Brown People"