I’m trying REAL hard not to cuss out some folks





so i’m not gonna read the threads on racial posts because many white folks are showin their asses. This is how it goes every time…..

POC: ah man how come there aren’t any minorities in this film/tv/book/any other form of media?

Whole bunch of white folks: OMG! why are you complaining? ugh they got the people they thought were best for the part! It’s not realistic to put minorities in EVERYTHING gaaawww! Just shut up and enjoy it.

POC: I don’t like the way they portrayed *insert ethnic group* in this film/tv/book/any other form of media

Whole bunch of white folks: OMG!!! shut up! you’re so sensitive nobody was thinking about it that way. I didn’t get offended by it so get over it. Yeah I know that all of the white people were portrayed positively and minorities were portrayed negatively, but WHO CARES it’s not real! People always want to make a big deal out of nothing and ruin it. Just because you’re represented in every form of media in a negative light or not represented at all is no big deal, they don’t show a lot of white people in black movies or on BET and I’m not offended. Why do they need Spanish channels either? Can we get an all white channel? Can we get white movies? I don’t complain about that. The fact that the media plays a major role in how people are viewed on a global scale means nothing. We’re all the same and you pointing that out makes it worse and makes me feel uncomfortable so just stop talking about it and get over it! BLAME SOCIETY! UGH!

And my favorite! “If you want black people, why don’t you just make your OWN movie/tv show/book???”

And then they cast Earthsea’s Ged as a white man.

And then Danny Glover couldn’t get funding for his Haiti movie because there were no white people.

And then Avatar: The Last Airbender replaced all the obviously Inuit/Asian inspired main characters as white people.

All of this! It is white racism that is keeping people of color from advancing in media. Plain and simple.

Casting Ged as White is made me rage. Even Ursula K. said that shit was wrong.

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    She was such a “fan” and wanted it to be good no matter what and it ended up turning her to serious denial. Though, I...
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    If she actually was into Avatar like she claimed, she should’ve been pissed about the casting too.
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    I agree. The media is a load of shit, and there are never enough good portrayals of people of color, people in the...
  21. lavenderlabia said: especially true re: the hobbit. tolkein was pretty openly a white supremacist so i don’t understand how people can defend LOTR series as anything other than extremely racist…
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