Have you ever noticed



whenever black people are bitter toward white people, everyone acts as if that black person is the problem? They’re told to change their actions: don’t let it upset you, don’t judge all white people based on the bad ones, don’t generalize, etc. Is there any bigger sign that we live in a white supremacist society when when 50% of white people are fucking us over and the other 50% are telling us that we’re not allowed to get mad about it because DAS RACIST.

No. My getting bitter about the racism I face every day is not racist. It is an effect of the racism that has been leveled against me. That’s why reverse racism is the biggest load of bullshit you white people have conjured up in awhile. White people, when you say that POC shouldn’t “judge all white people,” what you’re effectively doing is skipping right over the root cause of the bitterness (which is racism against POC by whites) in an effort to make things easier on yourself. You’re saying that the racism POC suffer is less important than making sure your precious white feelings aren’t hurt by being judged. 

If you don’t want POC to be bitter toward you, then help us tear down the white supremacist structure. Correct your own racist thoughts and actions and correct those of your friends and family. It is not our job to react to racism with a smile on our face, a tap dance in our feet, and a negro spiritual on our lips.

thank you! i’m not alleviating anybody’s feelings because they feel “uncomfortable” imagine how we feel then

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