Do people know that “gypsy” is a racial slur against the Romani people and that these people do in fact still exist?







Actually, the word gypsy didn’t quite start out as a ‘slur’. It’s derived from the word ‘Egyptian’, often written with a capital G, as to distinguish these nomadic people as a particular ethnic group. The reason ‘gypsy’ came to be was because there is evidence that leads to believe a large part of the nomadic culture originated in Egypt.

It wasn’t initially a slur, or considered offensive, until people started stereotyping it. Nowadays, the term is considered derogatory, whereas it’s the stereotype that modern-day society associates with the term.

Then again, sadly enough, a lot of the words used in our modern language that we find offensive have only become offensive because of the negative connotations people have given them throughout the years.

That said, I sincerely wonder who’s stereotyping here. What exactly are you trying to accomplish by saying “You skinny white girls dressing in color patchwork rags…” and “…the wanna be dreadlocking white folks banging on badly-cared-for djembes…”

Excuse me, but it looks like you are being the one being derogatory here. Racist, I might even dare say. Just because racism against white people is less common doesn’t make these remarks less racist. Please, when you try to plea for your cause next time, try to phrase things a little differently. People might actually listen to you if you don’t start generalizing and attacking people of a certain ethnicity.

Casually rebagel because I knew someone on my dash would right this.


Wow. Hey fellow white person here. You’re a twit, yourspecialhell. She doesn’t have to be polite when saying step off her ethnicity and identity. Not that she was rude, because there is no racism towards white people. None! What the hell kind of power do Walking People have over white people?! Saying skinny white girls may hurt your feelings, but jfc that’s it.

Grow up.

And I thought I read that one of the early uses of gypsy was as a label for slaves (Rroma and other nomadic groups), so no… not positive! Even if my brain is foggy (and it may be, the book is UPSTAIRS) it’s the mislabeling of an ethnic group! By the people with the power! That’s never cool!

I don’t really see any other ‘twits’ than the people who go aggressive over a post that calmly explained the nature of the word ‘gypsy’ and where it comes from. Just like the word ‘queer’ didn’t have any negative connotation from origin, there was a select group of asshats, to put it in more understandable terms, that made it offensive.

It’s not ‘the people with power’ who labeled nomadic groups ‘gypsy’. It’s the common folk that did it. It was a widely used term to describe a broad group of people, and it wasn’t offensive back then. It was just another little term used by people so they had a better understanding of it. Again, nowadays, it’s used negatively, but that doesn’t mean that everyone who uses the term ‘gypsy’ means offense with it.

The whole ‘skinny white girls’ thing didn’t hurt my feelings. In fact, none of this really did, as I was trying to have a rational discussion, in which feelings shouldn’t really overshadow thoughts. However, claiming people are ridiculous and fake for liking a particular aspect of a certain culture and adapting it to their own choice seems a little silly to me, especially concerning clothes or music. 

So what if certain ‘white people’ like to play djembes, or wear a certain type of clothes? I don’t really see the problem with this? 

You see, if more people had actually read my post properly, and not just the parts you think were offensive, you’d notice that I don’t condone racism against any ethnic group by simply explaining some historic facts. Just because I said something about the spiteful remarks about white people in the OP’s message doesn’t mean I won’t stand up for black people, or Romani people all the same, even if I’m not a part of their ethnic group. But if there is one thing I hate, it’s people putting themselves in the victim’s role, then taking a certain group and blurting out a stream of nonsensical hate right back at them.

Just because some of these people have done some of your people wrong, doesn’t mean all of these people have done all of your people wrong.

Call me a twit, but I like to get my facts straight. If you want equal rights, you have equal duties too. No racism means no ‘positive racism’ either. I would say I’m sorry if you’re offended by my opinion, but I’m not sorry for having an opinion.

That’s all I’ll say about it, because this discussion involves some people that just want to rally for the hell of it and not listen to any reason at all. I typed this out for educational purposes and I hope the few of you who take your time to read this actually learn something from it.

LOL “some people that just want to rally for the hell of it”.

You mean the actual group of people of the ethnicity/culture/race you offended?

Yeah, we just rallying because racism shouldn’t be a big deal. Even when we tell white folks it’s hurtful and they should stop; white people, being the badass rulers of the world that they are, don’t give a shit and tell us we refuse to listen to reason.

Because yeah, all the Walking People telling you that they dislike the word “gypsy” and all the African Americans saying for white people to stop using the N-Word, and all the other groups of people of color saying shut the fuck up because you are wrong…are just refusing to listen to reason. We should let white folks continue to bastardize our cultures, stereotype us, and take shit from us that isn’t theirs to take…because they’re white and that’s their right.

As a fellow gadje, I’m appalled that you’d even react this way. Here you have the very people who I’m talking about RIGHT HERE ON THIS THREAD, telling you that despite the word’s ORIGINS (white people love derailing and shit), you know good and damn well it has come to be used as a slur against a group of people. Where do you think “I got gypped” came from, oyinbo?

Yeah, because it ties into the stupid prejudiced belief that all Rroma are thieves, brigands, cutthroats, and child-stealing fortune tellers.

Your only knowledge of these people are the prejudiced stereotypes your fellow white girls continue to perpetuate by dressing in “bohemian chic” attire, using the word “gypsy” in a romanticized sense to denote your “love of travel” as if the Rroma had a fucking choice in being nomads…what with them being run out of every city all across Europe, being forced—much like other people of color—to scrape at the fringes of society, and what they have, white people continue to try and take from them TILL THIS DAY. And not only the Rroma (but because this was the original focus of the post), but Africans, Native Americans, Chinese, Japanese, every non-white, has had their culture bastardized in some way, be in in the form of a Halloween costume, or an ultra racist Disney movie (let’s not get on the “Peter Pan” racist stereotyping of Natives).

My point is, I don’t really feel liable to be nice about it, because when you come at me on some bullshit rhetoric talmbout “You’re being racist toward white people”, you’ve already labeled yourself as a dumbass.

We refuse to listen to “reason” because you’re not being reasonable. You’re being a butthurt gadje/oyinbo who doesn’t like the feel of your privileged bubble being popped by the people you’re desperately trying to erase and ignore.

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