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I understand that peoples ancestors went through fucken hell. i UNDERSTAND that and do i think its fucken terrible what people did to them ABSOLUTELY!!!!

Every single color/ race has had slavery at one time or another, black slaves weren’t introduced to white society until man was able to sail the world. Stronger african tribes would battle with weaker african tribes and capture them and put them into slavery. When white men would come into africa they would be traded to the white man and introduced into european and american society. The romans had slaves and they were white, hitler had slaves that were white. So its not only african american people that had ancestors that were slaves but they are the ones that are the most talked about, The holocaust, millions of people were slaughtered.  So i am not racist against african people.

Im not saying that people shouldn’t talk about their ancestors what Im saying is african american people should not hold a grudge against white people because there was slavery, they should not feel that they should be owed something when it was not them or there parents and sometimes not for generations before them that were affected. 

How as a nation are we ever supposed to move forward when people are not letting things move forward, yes we should always be taught about it but it should not become something that we dwell on forever and continue the hate. My fucking boyfriend is half african american.  We should focus on the genocide that is happening all over the world right now instead of always focusing on the past. 

It is you who doesn’t understand something anything about race, racism, or white privilege.

“First, Whites interpreted the past as slavery, even when in some question we left it open (e.g. questions regarding the “history of oppression”) or specified we were referring to “slavery mid Jim Crow.” Since Jim Crow died slowly in this country (1960s to 1970s), their constant reference to a remote past distorts the fact about recent overt forms of racial oppression impeded black progress. This also means that most whats are still connected to grandparents who participated in Jim Crow in some fashion.

Second, the effects of historic discrimination have limited blacks’ capacity to accumulate wealth at the same rate as whites. According to Melvin L. Oliver and Thomas M. Shapiro, the “culmination of disadvantages” has “sedimented blacks economically so that, even if all forms of economic discrimination blacks face ended today, they would not catch up to whites for several hundred years.

Third, believing discrimination is a thing of the past helps whites reinforce their staunch opposition to all race-based compensatory programs. This story line, then, is used to deny the enduring effects historic discrimination as well as to deny the significance of contemporary discrimination. Thus, when one consideres the combined effects of historic and contemporary discrimination, the anchor holding minorities in place weighs a ton and cannot be easily dismissed.”(77)
       —Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, Racism Without Racists 
           »“The Major Story Lines of Color-Blind Racism”

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    By the way, just because someone is black doesn’t mean they’re African.
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