Why we do not need a white history month



White folks shut the fuck up and listen. We don’t have a white history month because our history is fucking glorified in society. Flip open a US history text books and you will find a white person to glorify. There is a really good fucking chance that white person will also be a white man. Which is also why we don’t need a special month to celebrate all the shit white men did in history. We keep that for women’s history month since women of color are shit on in that month. The majority of the women mentioned in women’s history month are white. Our whole fucking society is catered to white people. Turn on the fucking tv and you will see someone who is white. You won’t even have to go looking for them because they will be on some tv show you are watching. You never have to ask “why aren’t we learning about white people in history?” because they are in every fucking history lesson. The history of the US is what white men were doing throughout US history. The women you will learn about will be presidents wives, especially Abigail Adams (we just love Abigail and John’s relationship), and some famous white women like Susan B Anthony. Now with the 2008 presidential election passed we will also learn about Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin. If you are really fucking lucky you will learn about the women who ran for president before Clinton even got the idea

To learn about white history all you have to do is go down to your local bookstore. The history section is full of books on white men’s history. You have to go to the African American, Asian, African, women, etc. sections to find anything on everyone else. If you are really lucky in the history section you will find books on white women. However, you will not have a problem finding books on white women’s history in the women’s studies/history section. There are a shit tone of books on what white women were doing in history there. Books on women of colors history will be harder to find in whatever section you look under. The books on Asian, African, African American, etc. history sections are dominated by men. When you are done, go to the section on classic books. You will find plenty of classics written by white men. You’ll find some by white women and even fewer by people of color. You can then just browse around the store and see who wrote the books. The majority of those authors will be white people. Are you finally starting to notice something? The majority of the people we recognize in society are white. 

Fine, you don’t want to leave your house to go down to a book store. Turn on the history channel. You know who you are going to see? White people. You will get to learn about white peoples history. You can learn about all the wars we have been in. You can even learn about what all the white people were doing in WWII, since the history channel just loves that fucking war. You can turn on PBS and see mostly white people. You can turn on shows with a “diverse” cast like Glee and still see mostly white people. You can than turn on CMT and see all white people and Darius Rucker. You can turn on MTV and see a lot of white people again. See why we don’t need our own tv station? We dominate 99% of them. Our history dominates the history channel. Our stories dominate the majority of the stations. Society is fucking geared towards us. Society worships the ground we fucking walk on. You know why? We live in a racist society dominated by white supremacy. 

So when you decide to whine about how there is no white history month, no white tv station, etc. just look at the media, history textbooks, books, and US society. It is dominated by white people. We fucking dominate society so sit your fucking ass down and shut up. Whining why there is no “white history month” only makes you a dumbass and racist fuck. You know why you are allowed to make comments like “why is their no white history month?” because of white privilege. We don’t have to question why there is no white people taught about in history classes, why there are no white people in a tv show, etc. It is something we see everyday without fucking thinking about it because of our white privilege. We don’t have to ask questions like that because white people dominate US society. 

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Whoever even needs this explanation is a sleepwalking buffoon.

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    Everytime I hear a white person say ask that I want to slap them so hard their ancestors feel it.
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