A Compiled List of Things white People Say That Are Racist, Whether Intentional or Not


  • I don’t see color
  • It’s almost like you’re white!
  • I once dated a (insert ethnicity) guy/chick
  • Some of my best friends are (insert ethnicity)
  • You’re my favorite (insert ethnicity) person
  • I’m secular humanist, I don’t see race
  • I voted for Obama
  • Is this racist?
  • You’re just playing a victim
  • Stop playing the race card
  • Aren’t you being a little too oversensitive about this?
  • You just hate white people
  • Minorities can be racist too, y’know
  • I’ve experienced racism
  • I’ve been discriminated against also, y’know
  • I can’t be racist! I love (insert ethnicity) women/men
  • (out of context MLK quote)
  • How come there’s a Black History Month, but no white History Month?
  • Where are you from? No, I mean where are your parents from.
  • My family moved here after slavery!
  • Hey, I didn’t put anyone into any camps
  • Stop blaming me for things that happened before I was born!
  • Affirmative Action is bullshit. It completely ignores ability to work.
  • I’m just saying it like it is, dude
  • Stop being so politically correct
  • (insert ethnicity here) are just lazy
  • Most people who are poor are Black. Just saying.
  • That law only affects those who we should be watching out for anyways
  • If you hate it here so much, why don’t you go back to (insert country here)
  • You’re (insert ethnicity here)? I’ve been to (insert country where people of that ethnicity are from)
  • I love MLK!
  • I love rap music
  • I love sushi
  • I love Taco Bell
  • I love (insert ethnicity here) culture
  • Your culture is just so amazing
  • I’m having a party! Hey, do you think you can bring some (insert food associated with ethnicity)
  • Have you ever been to (insert “country of origin” here)
  • I loved “The Help”
  • Rosa Parks is my hero
  • You’re (ethnicity other than Black). Why do you care what I say about them?
  • Stereotypes exist for a reason, y’know
  • You’re just trying to manipulate me
  • You’re just trying to make me feel bad
  • You just think that minorities are better
  • You’re just trying to get people to feel sorry for you
  • You’re just trying to get everyone to hate white people
  • I’m Native American. I know racism.
  • Why would you call me a “cracker/honky/etc.”? That’s racist!
  • There’s no such thing as white privilege
  • Okay, there’s white privilege. But you guys have privilege also. Have you not heard of Affirmative Action/The Black Tax/etc.
  • You can say nigger/chink/spic/etc. but I can’t? How is that fair?
  • I only call you nigger/chink/spic/etc. because we’re such good friends
  • You’re one of the good ones!
  • You’re Asian? I love anime!
  • (insensitive race joke). I’m just kidding, you know how I am!
  • I’m not racist, but….

Feel free to add more!

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    "I love sushi" is racist? Incorrect. Sushi is good shit. Saying “I voted for Obama” is racist? As in voting for Obama...
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    Goddamn people can’t read. If you say you can’t be racist because you love sushi or MLK, etc. that means you are racist....
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    I mostly agree with this but some things you have to put into context. Saying you know racism as a Native American isn’t...
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    race and religion aren’t human rights? o_O
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    Oh, look. A list of people who have missed the point. There’s a difference between appreciation and fetishization and...
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    lmaooo all the caps. someone’s mad.
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    I keep tellin’ y’all they ain’t tryna learn shit.
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    Many of the things in that list are absolutely racist, but… your definition of racism is so broad that the mere act of...
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    Yes, you are. Congratulations.
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