Started watching Queer as Folk US…


It really is a different series to the UK one, although there’s obviously noticable similarities between the two.

I actually prefer the US version to the UK one. Although there’s also the fact that I absolutely cannot stand Russell T Davies or his writing, which might be a contributing factor.

Yeah, there’s quite a bit of similarity in the first series. The UK one has good points - one being brevity, while the US version drags on a little bit too long in my opinion, falling into soap opera cliche, and ultimately, could have been improved by condensing into fewer, more focused series. 

Also, the UK version’s setting felt more realistic; Canal Street was just one place, with other parts of town being noticably different. In the US version there’s a feeling of Liberty Avenue and close surrounding environs creating a separate Queer!City-within-a-city, which didn’t so much hurt credibility, but gave the whole thing a sheen of unreality.

The US version did take time to develop characters more clearly, but at the expense of the UK version’s focus on a very small number of characters in depth. The UK version played more on humour while the US worked with drama, and ultimately, once you move beyond the first series, the similarities don’t end, so much as, the US series extrapolates and extends on the UK themes.

On the whole, though, I can sit through QaFUK easily; but I wouldn’t sit through the whole of QaFUS for a while; length being one factor, another being that around series three, I couldn’t stop myself from shouting “Dammit Teddy, you’re tearing this family apart!” at the TV every five minutes.

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