"When I think back to the anti-globalization movement, and the 2001 FTAA protests in Quebec City, I am only appreciative of the fact that I was further radicalized. Thankfully my experiences in this movement eventually led me to ask why it produced nothing significant in a revolutionary sense, despite historically revisionist claims to the latter, and why a mass movement was incapable of doing anything except having multiple massive demonstrations and then falling apart on September 11, 2001. Here was a movement that had its leaders, though it pretended otherwise, an in-group of cliquish activists who imagined that they were revolutionary but who mistook revolution for running around in tear-gas and screaming that “the whole world is watching.” If they were proper revolutionaries they would have tried to have some foresight, tried to turn this movement into something sustainable that could actually try and produce revolution––but if you aren’t interested in the practical and concrete questions surrounding revolutionary struggle, the questions every significant revolutionary movement has had to ask and try to answer, and imagine it’s just going to happen like a beautiful flood composed of unique raindrops, then you’re not performing revolution. You’re performing protest and activism, and maybe you should be blamed for having allowed a movement die because you wouldn’t allow it to be properly structured."

“Down with Activism, Up with Revolution- JMP at http://moufawad-paul.blogspot.com/2012/02/down-with-activism-up-with-revolution.html (via malheureuxmarxist)

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