Dear UK,


I understand that you recently put five Muslim men on trial and convicted three for passing out “homophobic leaflets.” They were tired under a new law that was passed in March of 2010 that intended to curb “hate-speech”, including homophobia, while protecting “Freedom of Speech.”

While I am, in no way, going to give value for or against the issues, I do find it interesting that this law has been applied to this group of men - who were calling for a change in law and not vigilantism - versus the English Defense League (EDL). Not only is the EDL filled with white-supremacists, but it seems that it is allowed to continue its racist, xenophobic, and Islamophobic diatribes publicly, but it looks as though the UK government is paying an estimate £800,000 out of its pocket to protect their planned March (along with the group Unite Against Fascism) in Leicestershire next week. 

At the sentencing, the judge said to the men

“You have been convicted of intending to stir up hatred. It follows that your intention was to do great harm in a peaceful community.”

These words would have carried more weight were they applied equally, and to everyone who “intends to stir up hatred.” From these (in)actions, I guess it’s not hatred when it’s directed towards ‘brown-immigrants’, huh? Only when it’s directed towards (presumably white) gays… 

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