A Daily Riot.: Update: Culutral Appropriation Do’s and Don’ts



A Daily Riot.: Update: Culutral Appropriation Do’s and Don’ts


Given that the old cultural appropriation resource learning list is being passed around more frequently now, and that some of the links on it no longer work, I thought it was high time to release an updated list. These links pertain primarily to the appropriation of Native American/First Nations cultures, spiritualities, and items. However, it’s important to note that cultural appropriation is not limited to the Native American/First Nations. Cultural Appropriation is something that racks the African American, African, Asian, Romani, Indian, South Asian, Maori, and many people and places around the world. It can (as it often does with Native/First Nations) perpetuate racist stereotypical caricatures of Native peoples, as well as colonization, and cultural genocide. i.e. you could be participating in genocide today even if you’re you or your ancestors did not partake in the first acts of colonialism.That is something to be aware of.

Before I send you to the list, I will satirically tell you in the tradition of the (blasted) “Two Wolves” story:

A wise person sat with an ignorant person and said “You can bring a horse to water, but you can not make it drink.” The ignorant person looked at the wise person perplexed, and the wise person said, “Will you drink the water?”

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