Anonymous asked: Its sad to know that you hate your own gender. You have internalized your misandry. Hopefully you realize this mistake and come back to us brother.



You have inspired me, anon. 

Behold, the ad for the new, pro-man campaign: 

Born Again Men 

Born Again Men is an ad campaign against the ferocious feminists hellbent on the castration, subjugation, and exploitation of men. The campaign focuses on internalized misandrists or men who have failed to recognize the value of their masculinity and have defected to join the bra burning feminazis.

Dear Ms. Andry, This is brilliant. Sincerely Yours, Born Again Xican@..

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    internalized misandry
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    …Holy schnikes.
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    This is worth of The Colbert Report, good sir. Well done.
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    This is epic. (I do hate my own gender, btw, but this is no secret to anyone who has known me for any amount of time.)
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    WHAT THE FUCK. Patriarchy is not something that is up to debate because “Gosh, my wife tells me what to do, so women...
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