I saw a post by Ryking just now



And I’m not gonna reblog it because fuck that shitstain I don’t feel like talking directly to him, I’d make more headway talking to my toothbrush

But the post was a question asking “if Chris Brown had beaten up a man three years ago, would anyone still care?” tagged with, among other things, “misandry” and “hypocrisy”

And wow so I have a lot of (sad, angry) feelings about that bullshit question, about the very idea that women, especially women of color, especially when they’re victims of abuse, enjoy some privileged position in society. And that they have that privilege because sometimes people remember that they were abused and get kinda mad at the abuser (but he’s still able to be famous and celebrated and win awards). But instead of talking about that, I’m actually going to talk about that eternal question on the lips of angry deluded men everywhere: what about the men?

Yeah so, what about them? Specifically, what about the men and boys who are victims of abuse? You hear them mentioned, briefly, by a lot of men ranting about women but then, hmm, anyway, onto my next bullet point about feminazis and misandry… 

I’m not the first person to point this out, but the whole reason we have things like battered women’s shelters and resources for female abuse victims is because women saw a need for them and created them. Women were, and are, and will be, beaten, raped, and killed. And some other women, many of whom had been beaten and raped themselves, said “fuck this” and made spaces for other women like them. These resources didn’t just appear out of nowhere. People who cared about abuse victims created them.

And that’s the thing, that caring about other victims. Because for all the hue and cry raised by the Rykings and AmazingAtheists and other angry MRAs of the world, they don’t seem to really do much in the way of creating spaces and resources for male victims. And hey, it’s not their job, no one’s saying they have to. But clearly you see this lack, and clearly you (claim to) care a lot about it so hey, maybe instead of being mad at women for sometimes having the nerve to be paid attention to or have someplace to go if they get beaten up you could, I don’t know, start helping men?

And I really just cannot with this claim that feminists/women in general don’t care about male victims. As a female abuse survivor who has known and cared about and loved numerous men and boys who have been victims of many kinds of abuse, fuck you, from the bottom of my heart, if you think I don’t care about male victims. And I say this as someone who has, let’s say, a not very kind opinion of men as a whole. The men who bring this claim up do not give two shits about any victim, female or male, they just want to score woman-hating points. No matter my opinion of men in general, I feel a kinship or connection or whatever you want to call it with fellow survivors, and it is fucking disgusting and shameful to just bring up their existence as an argumentative point to bash women. These are real people, real men and boys, who have gone through real pain, and you’re just bringing them up, bringing that pain and suffering and abuse up, for half a second as some sort of “checkmate, feminazi” argument that makes sense only to your sick mind. You don’t give two shits about actually doing anything for them, about addressing the specific social structures that affect men and boys who have been beaten or molested or raped, you’re just glad they’re there for you to mention while you’re railing against women for daring to have things like shelters and rape crisis centers. And that makes you fucking disgusting.

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