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1. How did you find out about anime conventions? 
The year was 2003, I was studying Computing at Uni. One of my close friends was an English bloke named Jim originally from Melton Mowbray… Summer of 2003, he went away to Ayacon. I was so jealous of the swag and such that I made him promise to take me along the next time.

2. What and where was your first convention?
Ayacon ‘05, University of Warwick in Coventry.

3. How old were you at your first convention?
It’s 2012 now… I was… about… 19? 

4. Did you cosplay at your first convention, and if so, as who?
I did! The single most un-recognisable, obscure cosplay ever… 
In the anime version of Martian Successor Nadesico, there is the parody/fictional series Gekiganger. Within that fictional series, there are three Gekiganger robots, each with a pilot. I cosplayed the pilot of Gekigan Tank, Akira.

5. How many conventions have you’ve attended presently?
Aya ‘05, Ame ‘06, Auchinawa ‘06, Ame ‘07, Ame ‘08, Aya ‘09, Kita ‘11, Aya ‘11… And maybe others I can’t remember.

6. What was your favorite convention and why?
It’s tough to say… I honestly enjoy conventions a lot more now than I did at first, but for different reasons. The first few times, conventions were all about running wild, buying things, etc. etc. etc. Now, I can enjoy a convention just hanging out with friends, drinkin’ beers, and… Wandering around with a gun to Justin Bieber’s head… The way I see it is that I’m always reminded of a CSI episode centred around a murder at a convention for little people… There’s a moment where it’s stated that the people have to squeeze a lifetime of experiences into the length of the convention, because it’s the only time they can. At first, that’s how I felt about conventions, but now, I see them as something apart, a holiday and break.

7. List all your cosplays that you’ve cosplayed in the past (that you can remember) and what one is your favorite?
Akira (Gekiganger)
Kasanoda (Ouran High School Host Club) 

8. If you have a dream convention that you want to attend, what is it?
If I could get Kitacon’s atmosphere, and Aya ‘09’s bar prices, I’d be a happy man.

9. Do you attend convention events, such as panels, karaoke, etc.?
Occasionally. If I think a panel’s going to be entertaining, interesting, or just something different, then I’ll attend. Sadly, I feel that the problem with events is that there doesn’t feel like much I haven’t seen before… Which is where The Geekton Factor comes in ;)

10. Have you’ve ever entered masquerade? And if so as who and did you win?
Nope, and I don’t intend to.

11. What do you usually buy in the dealer’s room? If so, what do you buy?
Pictures of Jars of Jam

12. Do you buy anything in the artist alley? If so, what do you buy?
Pictures of Jars of Jam. Long story short, around Ame ‘07, I noticed the artists in the dealer’s room taking requests. My first thought was to troll/parody the OC’s they were having to draw so much - resulting in a cat/wolf/fox/mermaid/octopus/etc etc etc abomination with 16 different colour eyes etc. etc. etc. 
And then, I just figured it’d be more fun to get something completely off the wall, and somehow, Jam had become a meme among my friends… And after the first couple of times I commissioned jars of jam, I noticed how much fun the artists were having with it. I pay a fair price that some people would take advantage of, I let the artist draw them however they’d like. It always puts a smile on people’s faces, especially if they’ve had a commision from me before - or know someone who has. The folder is currently at 17 pictures, excluding the ones from Ame ‘07 and Ame ‘08 which were meant to be scanned and put online.

13. What was the longest-traveled convention you’ve driven to or flown to?
Ame ‘08 is definitely the one that took me longest to get to. I was meant to be on the train for 8am at Glasgow Central… When it was cancelled, I was sent to Edinburgh, but flooding meant the train took about 1 1/2 hours, and the train I got on was literally the last one out of Scotland. It also had Zelly and the proto-Team Neko aboard, which was cool, although I didn’t really get to speak to them. Once we got moving from Edinburgh we were about 6 hours, including a stop in Leeds. It was just a massive mess.

14. Have you met your favorite English seiyuu?
If I know who the voice actor is, then I’m not paying attention to the character.

15. Do you generally go to conventions with friends? Or your special someone? Or both?
I meet my friends at the convention. I’ve travelled and stayed with friends in the past, but for now I’m happier travelling with Zelly rather than having to babysit anyone.

16. Have you’ve met a special someone at a convention and then hooked up there, or after?
Zelly’s already told the story… But what’s funnier is that I didn’t know we’d met at Ame ‘07 for years. I was colossally drunk… I think the picture she took of me then (ancient history, I mean, my shorts were still mostly the original material, at least recognisably so) is hilarious.
The fact that we’d gotten on so well at Aya ‘09 was what gave me the confidence to ask Zelly out after. And the rest… Is history.

17. Do you regret going to any specific convention? And if so, why?
Probably Auchinawa… I was living with 2 members of the committee, had seen all the planning, but in the end, it was still a matter of 18-hour days gophering, not nearly enough drinking, first-in-last-out type shit. Plus, I was in a shitty “relationship” at the time, and trying to make that work… The experience just turned me off conventions in Scotland period.

18. What conventions do you have planned for next year?
Kitacon in April, Amecon in August.

19. Have you’ve cosplayed your dream cosplay yet? If so, who?
"Dream Cosplay" ?
Probably Dave Lister XD Not done it yet, but people confuse my clothes for a costume, so it’s all one really. I’d also love to do post-apocalyptic type costumes.

20. Do you go by your forum name/pen name/nick name at cons?
I do now. Aya ‘05 badge name was Guy Daigoji, and after that was Yojimbo up until Ayacon ‘11, when I decided to go XtremeCaffeine universally.

21. Do you have a convention that’s on your birthday?
No, and I wouldn’t want their to be one. Since I’d be too busy partying at the convention to be partying for my birthday!

22. What is your current favorite anime/manga? Have you’ve cosplayed it yet?
Current favourite Manga is Akira, just plowed through the whole thing and I wish they’d made the movie the 24-hour long epic the story would have required. Current favourite Anime is… I’m not sure. Haven’t watched anything newer than Highschool Of The Dead, which was kinda cool, but not as good as the Manga, just wish it would update more often. 

23. Do you make your own cosplays, thrift them, or get them commissioned, etc?
No cosplays.

24. Do you have any retired cosplays? If any, why are they retired?
All of them, because I didn’t like them.

25. What cosplays do you have planned for next year? Or if there’s alot of them, what series?
Nooooooooooo cosplaaaaaaaaaays

26. Did you like this meme?
Too much cosplay :P

27. Are you bored out of your mind because your not at a con?
No, because I have Zelly, and also because I’ve learned that cons are fun, but you can’t sit around all year waiting for them. You have to make your own fun, do your own things.

28. When is your next con?
Kitacon, April. I should probably start packing soon.

29. Have you’ve started any of your cosplays for your next con?
Noooooooooooooooooo habla cosplay

30. Anything else I should know about you?
I’ve got 8 piercings, including nipples & genital. Two tattoos, including the caffeine molecule on my chest. I’ve been wearing the same hacked-off combats shorts since at least 2007, although I’m only sure on that date because that’s as far back as I have photographic proof of. I enjoy post-apocalyptic fiction and Nerf guns. If you see me at a UK convention, say hello.

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