Decoding Racist Language



This is for POC that still don’t get it. I pity yall, so we’ll try this again.

  • “I don’t see color.” - I don’t give a fuck about realizing my white privilege or the challenges you face because you are not white. I am saying this in a deceptive way to make it sound like I’m not racist, but in fact, what eventually happens goes as follows.

:sees disproportion in color on college campuses - well those niggers must be lazy or stupid, or both, because I got here!

:sees disproportion in arrests against the general population - well, those niggers must be dangerous criminals, because I obeyed the law and police officers don’t bother me.

  • “I have Black People in my family/as friends.”- My racism is so apparent that I have to resort to the measure of bringing up a cousin by marriage on my aunt’s husband’s stepson’s side or a guy my science teacher made me do a project with as evidence that I don’t discriminate against Black People. And you know, slave masters and colonizers totally didn’t procreate with their victim.
  • “There’s a Black History Month, but no White History Month” - So, get this lawls! We actually do have a White History Month, but we’re just so fucking selfish that we decided to branch it off into subcategories (German, Italian, Polish, Italian, etc.) but you know, we’re still going to play the victim role here. Also, you have plenty of history that we either neglect or steal, so we’re just going to not discuss you in any of our history books, but get mad when you actually try to celebrate the history of yours that we’ve distorted.
  • “Not all White People are Like That” - Du U SEE WHUT I DID HERE!? I just made myself the victim, even though you’re the one in pain. And clearly, you don’t think all White People are like that, because if you did, you wouldn’t even be wasting your breath with me anyways, but I’m still going to pretend you generalized against White People. I don’t like to listen to your pain, it’s not fun, so I’m just going to shut you up. Good luck with your shitty life, come back when you have nice things to say about White People, okay?
  • “I’m not Racist, but (insert racist shit here)” - So, obviously I am a racist because I just said something incredibly racist, but totally don’t want to take the title racist, so guess what, I’m just gonna say I’m not a racist and hope you’re stupid enough to believe me. Don’t call me out though, you see, we have this thing called Reverse Racism that we made up and we’re gonna use that on you.
  • “That’s Reverse Racism” - Although my reasons for disliking you are completely about my belief that you’re inferior and your reasons are out of being made inferior, I’m going to call them the same thing. I’m going to tell you that Affirmative Action is an example of Reverse Racism, but get this, Affirmative Action was created to level out the centuries upon centuries that I have had a head start in comparison to you and it hardly exists anymore, but I’m still going to use it.
  • “You can say nigga, but not me, that’s not fair” - Neither is the fact that I’m much less likely to get pulled over by the police and I can be a felon and still have a better chance at getting hired against your crime-free record, but hey, this isn’t about me! I’m more concerned with taking the one thing you can do that I can’t, which by the way, came out of centuries of oppression and cruelty. I don’t like that you can use a word that has historically hurt you, but I can’t use the same word, even though I’m the one who used it to hurt you.
  • “Appropriation? No, I just love your culture.” - I just really saw some cute headband feather shit at Urban Outfitters and was completely unaware that it was your culture until you pointed it out. But keeping up with a summer trend is way more important than your people and the sacred meanings behind your accessories. come fall, new shit is gonna be out and your culture is going to be in my trash can but hey , I’m still appreciating you! Feel appreciated, damnit!

All of this.

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