TW: Blatant racism; talk of genocide against Blacks.





TW: Blatant and disgusting racism, talk of genocide and racial eugenics, antisemitism


sign this petition to stop racist jenny hyun


Jenny Hyun (@jennyhyun) who alleges to have writing credits for both Girls’ Generation and Chocolat has recently made a series of disgusting racist comments on her twitter. The screen-captures below show that she believes that black people are “disgusting, disrespectful, violent, arrogant and stupid”. She also makes several other allusions to the superiority of pale skin to dark skin, along with an Adolf Hitler like desire to commit genocide against all black people. It is evident that Jenny Hyun is a racist. By signing this petition we vow to boycott any release that Jenny Hyun has written a song for, along with merchandise related to the release including DvDs, calendars, photo books, concerts, festivals etc. Hiring someone like Jenny Hyun to write a song for your artist sends a message to us that you do not care about racial equality and so we will equally not care about your artist. 

Please sign and spread ^-^

I screencapped her tweets too. Worse yet, she isn’t even apologetic about her blatant genocidal tweets.

Koreans, come and get this bitch before she gets got.

I really doubt Koreans would lash out at their own kind for right or for wrong.  They’d more likely sweep it under the rug to save face for themselves and mark this as something to be ignored unless it had a big enough impact on business.  It’s really disgusting that she’d say all of that shit and still have the nerve to tweet this:

I also took a peek at her blog— maybe seeing if she retracted or apologized for anything she’s said and all I found was that she posted something yesterday saying “I regret nothing.”


And she’s saying she doesn’t hate Black people but she wants to kill all of us.

I really hope she dies in a car accident soon.

Dammit Jenny

We should know better than this. 

(via the-real-goddamazon)

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    What the fuck? Didn’t we evolve beyond this?
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