Question for you all: “How do we create alliances rooted in similarities without erasing the different intersections? “

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  1. thetastress answered: I find this a strange question. It’s easy: just don’t do it. Don’t negate differences in your speech and let the different speak.
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    I’m also addressing the issues related to First Nations / Black rights in North America. Something I wrote before: ”One...
  4. tsupertsundere answered: Create a common space that is safe for everyone involved, and to have policies that protect and celebrate differences
  5. crazystarfish answered: give time to educate each other of our differences and then give time to participate in the same things together?
  6. jadepichette answered: Provide trainings for allies; Educate to improve the inclusivity of already existing spaces; Give specific areas for ally solidarity.
  7. corazondevaca answered: Be brave and start a conversation?
  8. vagabondaesthetics answered: It’s simple: You acknowledge them. It should be at the forefront your mind and conversations at all times. Have no delusions about a monolith
  9. conceptbug answered: Realize similarities in our hearts for related human passions/ compassion/ don’t envy but know yourself by what you appreciate MORE in others
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