The above is from a photoshoot done in 2007-2008 featuring Bar Rafaeli, an Israeli model.

Look at these photos. Look closely, and tell me that anti-Black racism doesn’t exist.

Reminds me of the Fantasia centaur. The centaur that was black was the servant, while the white looking one got to beautiful and dainty and regal. Same shit, different day.

Funny enough you can’t find these photos online anymore. Perhaps someone managed to backlash on how racist this one was. There was another photoshoot done with another model the same year, in which she played the negligent Park Avenue mother, and the Black woman played the mammy-maid.

The kicker? The maid wasn’t a model. She was an actual maid at the hotel that they pulled into the shoot. Was she compensated? Likely not.

Found it:

I remember hearing about the black centaurs from Fantasia and I didn’t believe it because I thought that movie came out in the 1970s or 80s. Then LO AND BEHOLD lookey what I found:


This is Sunflower the black centaur. Notice her “picaninny” hairstyle, her large lips, missing teeth, her donkey body, and the fact that she seems to enjoy being subservient to the “beautiful” white centaur. But don’t worry guise, they gave her “African” gold hoop earrings so its not racist.

Hmmm, black characters being subservient to white characters that seems familiar, but were have I seen that before? Oh yeah, in the SAME. fucking. movie. Let me introduce you to these ladies right here

Do you see this fuckery. In the same movie as the picaninny donkey-centaur.  They get to play the hand-maids of this bacchus-looking guy.  But lük guise, these onez r sew much prettier! They totes don’t represent the sexualization and of the “exotic” African woman or nuthin. They can’t be racist cuz Disney didn’t edit them out like sunflower. 

Maybe white people think this is just the natural role for black people, or perhaps this is a common white fantasy. Either way, I’m tired of this image and I’m tired of it being accepted. It’s 1012 and I’m just too. damn. tired.

ohhhh boy massah

i shos luv bein a slave to da white wimmins

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