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~~sorry I just don’t want to reblog myself- you said that the article titled “chink in the armor” was ment to sound racist, just wanted to say that the phrase was originally used by the ESPN anchor (a term that the same anchor used for countless others regardless of their race) the reporter only copied his phrase- it had nothing to do with race and even Lin thinks that the phrase has nothing to do with his race. This is just the media blowing up things that are not important.


I don’t care if something was meant to sound racist or not.  If it ACTUALLY sounds racist, it’s fucking racist.  I’m really tired of people saying that intent matters when it comes to racism.  
It doesn’t.
If something somebody says is racist, that’s it. I don’t care if the person is ignorant or doesn’t really how that  came across, it’s fucking racist.  Sure, maybe that person is less “morally blameworthy,” but it doesn’t matter. Racism is institutionalized prejudice based on race.  
When you use the word “Chink” to describe somebody of Asian descent, it will ALWAYS COME ACROSS AS RACIST.  I don’t care what you meant; it’s still fucking racist.  It’s very easy to come up with different terminology; and quite frankly, as a journalist, that’s part of your responsibility as a professional.  

With all due respect to Jeremy Lin, one person is not considered an authority on racism, even if said racist act was directed towards that person.  I’ve heard certain Black people say, “Oh yeah, my white homies call me nigger and it’s cool with me.”  Is that an individual situation, with specific individuals? Sure. But it’s still fucking racist. A person of color saying, “yeah, whatever, cool with me,” 
 just means that it’s not offensive to that specific person.  

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