abraxia asked: Last night, a white woman I was hanging started talking about racist jokes. I told her to stop it, she was being racist. She defensively said “well it’s not whites who are racist, everyone else is really racist I mean look at non-white comedians.” Then, when I challenged this, she said: “Race isn’t real, it’s just a social construct, I learned that in Sociology.” I tried to argue but apparently she also studied White Denial 101 and aced it. I can’t stop thinking on how to handle people like her.



fucking sociology 101

I’m always really entertained when people are like “Race doesn’t exist because it’s a social construct.”

…Which basically means, it’s something CONSTRUCTED BY SOCIETY, SO YES, IT IS ACTUALLY THERE.

That would be like saying “Gender doesn’t exist.  Stigma doesn’t exist.  Parental duties don’t exist. YOU KNOW WHY? BECAUSE THEY’RE JUST SOCIETAL CONSTRUCTS.’

….Fucking white sociology.  

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    This is my logic. This is not the logic of the racist white woman I was speaking to. Grr.
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    We just had a WGST reading that discussed how just because something is a social construct, that doesn’t mean it’s...
  4. red-sting said: Race doesn’t exist, society made it and she doesn’t see race because of that [and therefore isn’t racist]. She’s especially not racist because POC are the racist ones, not the whites. …Yeah, I’m not hanging out with her again. Ever.
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