Things non PoC have taught me since I became more vocal about racism:



1. Speaking about the Holocaust in any context other than educational is downright immoral, 9/11 needs a trigger announcement and a disclaimer if you discuss it in public but the murder of over 30 million Africans is OLD NEWS that I need to just drop and get over. 

2. In History class, no one complained that the exercises of reenacting the proletariat & bourgeoisie were unfair, segregationist and no one’s parents called the school the next day to enquire as to why the History teacher was teaching kids to be separatist. But when Jane Elliot wants to use exercises to illustrate in ONE hour the daily turmoil and abuse that PoC suffer, she’s accused of teaching biased, guilt ridden, “reverse racism”.

3. The abolishment of slavery made everyone equal, so there’s no such thing as white privilege. Even these hard facts (seriously, read them) that prove otherwise MUST be fiction, because my 4th grade science teacher told us that we’re all the same on the inside.

4. Even though companies, governments and educational institutions have forums and means of communicating issues in terms of unfair treatment, even though taking those outlets away would be a breach of human rights.. PoC shouldn’t talk about race and their issues pertaining to it because it starts arguments and disrupts the colour blind Hakuna Matata circle.


5. The fact that a) we still receive abuse today, b) my ancestors for at least two centuries are largely products of rape, c) my ancestors were butchered and enslaved in the millions, d) slave women had their newborns & toddlers stolen, fed LIVE to alligators and then were forced to keep quiet about it, etc (because the list goes ON and ON) … has no relevance to my self worth, the esteem within our communities or our chances for success today WHATSOEVER because the Oprah made it and the President is Black.

I haven’t seen a group of people this opposed to the oppressed joining together to demand equal and fair treatment since.. Oh.


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