Oh my god I think I actually found the most professional mansplainer alive.



When nerdydyke agrees with you, that should be your first sign… but here are some examples.

On Patriarchy (And Why I Don’t Believe In It)

A Short List Of Grievances (Or Male Oppression 101)

He also explains why the concept of privilege is ‘problematic’ (then attempts to debunk it), explains that lying to a man and telling him you’re on birth control when you’re not before having sex with him constitutes rape, insists a wage gap isn’t possible because Capitalism, and makes a solid case for how being pro-life isn’t inherently bigoted and oppressive.

Well played.

I found this person because they reblogged one of my posts from last night talking about how misogyny doesn’t exist because of all the male soldiers who’ve died in wars, regardless of the fact that men started those wars, started the military, and didn’t let women into their special club for a long, long time (oh and no civilian ever died in a war, that would be silly) so to sum up, I’ve had a very entertaining morning.

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  1. oofstar said: i’m torn on the birth control thing. i mean, it’s not rape, but it’s something. i’ve called pretending to put on a condom rape. it’s definitely wrong in a way that can really fuck a person up.
  2. stfuprolifers said: WHAT?
  3. the-lovely-hips said: I. Just. Ffs, man.
  4. skyhens said: "Prejudices in (particularly early) education against boys and educational programs that consistently cater to stereotypically female styles of learning." ….what. "Lack of good media role models for young men." WHAT. why do these people exist.