More on my loathing for the argument of ‘GODWIN!!!!!’


No. Sometimes parallels to the Nazi regime and policy are entirely valid and entirely necessary and should be pointed out. Saying that a guy who wants to deport all Roma people from his country or put them in internment camps is behaving in a similar way to the way the early Nazis behaved is entirely fucking valid. HE IS. THAT IS LITERALLY EXACTLY HOW THE NAZIS BEHAVED. THAT IS THE DEFINITION OF ‘HOLY SHIT GUYS THIS RINGS A BELL’. Saying that it is eerily post-Weimar of various state governments in America to want to register all immigrants and disallow people ‘with pronounced foreign accents’ to teach children is entirely valid because that is literally eerily similar to what the Nazis did during that period.

The Nazis were not some mythical bogeymen who were vanquished to the darkness along with the mythical magical Hollywood evil they brought forth. They were politicians. They were just Politicians who found a scapegoat during a time of major economic collapse and used it to brainwash the also entirely normal German public.

And guess what, it didn’t only happen in fucking Germany and it didn’t only happen once throughout history. The Holocaust is not this mysterious plague of evil which fell upon the earth out of nowhere and then vanished.

And to argue that any parallel to the very real, very recent, and very easy to replicate Nazi regime is just silly people overreacting is silencing and derailing and disgusting and I hate it.


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    This is a valid argument, inasmuch as I have occasionally seen Godwin’s law used to silence legitimate claims. Godwin is...
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