threejane asked: Speaking as an SF nerd, part of the thing which bothers me about steampunk (though it’s getting better nowadays) is that cyberpunk came first and was the first SF genre to really feature people of all races and cultures almost on principle, at least the best cyberpunk, and then steampunk appeared and in some ways the ~return to the golden victorian age~ almost seemed like a way to have your cake and remove all the POC at the same time. Everything went white again. Buut it’s improving!



The only way to improve Steampunk is with a flamethrower.

But hey, that sounds really mean… I loved The Diamond Age (and I get flashbacks to it when I use my Kindle) and I felt like The Difference Engine was fair. Steampunk Magazine #1 really caught and held my attention.

But I couldn’t read anything Steampunk as many times as I’ve read Neuromancer. 

What kind of sci fi nerd honestly thinks cyberpunk came first


Cyberpunk came about in the 80’s

Steampunk’s seminal works came in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, though the name didn’t come until later and the name came from cyberpunk.

This is a big reason as to why steampunk is so very very white; the influences and core stuff from the genre came from white white white stories and authors- often racist and xenophobic authors. (HG Wells anybody?)

I would say that Steampunk itself is a very new concept, because it is retro-futurism. It adopts the ideas which were espoused in Victorian SciFi, rather than taking a current view of the future.

Steampunk as a literary movement is very modern. Victorian SciFi can be seen as a legitimate predecessor, but it cannot be a part of the movement itself. Verne was writing based on his own view of the present/future, while Steampunks write based on Verne’s (et al) view of the present/future.

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    Of course, there were points that were less enlightened; However, that there was any representation at all - that Gibson...
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    And the Rastafarians aren’t the only POC in Neuromancer and certainly not in Gibson’s wider bibliography. Virtual Light,...
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    Oh certainly, as a named genre “the name didn’t come until later and the namecame from cyberpunk”, but my point is that...
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    CHARLIE! Read this article!!!
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    In the past few years, I’ve become slightly aware of the very famous, very popular eugenicists pre-WWII, and I really...