Kristal Marie cannot wait until Black History Month is over



Call me whatever you want, but I am so sick of black history month. I’m sick of hearing about all these awesome programs that would be really fun to be in for African Americans! I’m so sick of watching the news and hearing about a “great” African American that helped start a “great” club that only African Americans are allowed to be part if. What if I wanted to be in something like that? Apperently I couldn’t be because I’m white. But yet if someone started the same thing for white people, it would be against the law and they would be racist. I am so sick of it. Our society makes no sense.


You have such an aversion to black people, in this society that concentrates so much on whiteness, that you can’t even stand 28 days where black folks are acknowledged in our history?

You’re a woman, right, Kristal Marie? You understand why there’s a need for groups and events geared towards women? Because of male dominance in our culture, shutting out the voice of women? Why can’t you follow the logic through to people of color benefiting from the same kind of things? 

Why is there a BET? Because every other channel is mostly white people. Why is there a Black History Month? Because textbooks historically concentrate only on white people.

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    You forgot to put “racist bigot” in your description miss kristalmarie.
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    yeah ikr I’m so sick about hearing about “”“”great”“”” african americans I can’t wait for this month to be OVER. you’re...
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    I agree. Society needs to stop making white people cry. It isn’t nice at all.
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    You went there…
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    Another exhibit of our society’s double-standards.
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