Where is African Heritage Month?



Today is March 1st. That means that it is the first day of Irish Heritage Month and Greek American Heritage Month. If there were an “African” Heritage Month that would be called Racist wouldn’t it? I am so sick of this Politically Correct Bullshit. I don’t see color. Why can’t we all just be equal? How are we going to stop racism if we keep separating everyone? We should just have “American Heritage.” This is bullshit. First they take all the scholarships. Then, Affirmative Action means they get to have all the jobs. I am so sick of everyone in this country bowing down to non-Black people. We built this country. I’m not racist, my boyfriend is white. He can tell you that I hate everyone equally. I don’t separate people based on something as stupid as race. I am sick of having to hear about race. Maybe if you’d get off your ass and work for a living instead of living off of my tax dollars, you could make something of yourself. Fuck it, I refuse to celebrate the month of March. If that makes me a racist than so be it.


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    Sidenote: Look at that first paragraph on the Irish-American History Month, tho. LOOK AT THAT THING.
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