This was my outfit of the day last Thursday. I forgot to upload the pictures. I call this my gypsy witch outfit. Everyone at work really loved it. I literally got a compliment from every girl I worked with that day. 

I am glad that someone can be so dense that a simple description of an outfit offends them. If something so minor can cause so much turmoil in your life, please visit another website. I don’t understand why anyone has to be so rude about someone else’s life. Mind your own business. Your feelings are apparently far too easily hurt for you to attempt to exist in an electronic society. Hide under a rock if you’re afraid of words such as “gypsy,” and “witch” being used in any way other than to describe a Disney movie. 

Really? Because gypsy is not a racial slur? It is not regularly used as a stereotype (in a negative way) against Rroma and other walking people? It isn’t regularly used in conjunction with Witch in a stereotyped and troped way?

Oh no, my bad. 

I’m sorry mrbananas, you’re completely wrong. Your argument is invalid and clearly based on ignorance.

I am not afraid of words like gypsy, even though I should be since you know, I’ve been beaten for being one and watched friends be stabbed and raped for being one.

But, yeah. Obviously, I’m just too easily hurt for my own good and should take my ethnicity and my feelings about a racial slur away from your nice internet where the word gypsy only refers to a racist Disney movie and not, you know, to an actual ethnic group who are still fighting marginalization, discrimination, and racism.

And no, you do not have a right to tell us what not to be offended by.. it doesn’t work like that, Gadje.

If we’re offended by this, then it’s offensive. End of story.

When will people learn that if the people you’re appropriating from call you out on it several times then… YOU’RE BEING OFFENSIVE! It’s not something made up or something you can justify. Disney is a big appropriator for the most part anyway.

I never reply to pictures with an outstanding amount of arguing back and forth, but I really don’t see the “racism” in this. I mean does everyone know why the word Gypsy is considered offensive to most? It’s because WAY WAY back in the Egyptian days, the Gypsy use to be a “cute” dressed woman who turned out to be sneaky. I personally think the outfit she’s wearing is pretty cute. Nevertheless, get an open mind. I mean, honestly, want to know some more offensive words that we use regularly? Here ya go : Hip Hip Hooray (came from hep hep, used by Germans containing their dogs during the holocaust) or there’s Bugger (you may think you’re calling someone a little bugger, in reality you’re calling them a Bulgarian homosexual) then there’s this one Picnic (used back when blacks where slaves and they were lynched (hung) everyone would say, let’s have a picnic, literally meaning “pick a n…….” Don’t believe me? Pic-nic … Pic-a-nic … Pick-a-nig …
So, stfu about her being racist lol. she’s a gorgeous girl.  

Gypsy is a racial slur against Rroma people. By describing this outfit as ‘Gypsy’, she is encouraging romanticized, false stereotypes of us. The word is still used as a racial slur today.

Please do not get into this if you don’t understand why we are pissed off.

And i never said that she wasn’t gorgeous, so what does that have to do with this conversation? Being gorgeous doesn’t excuse you from racism lol.

Hip Hip Hooray is a general term used in the English language. “Hooray” may come from Mongol, as a general cheer, while the term “hep” may (by a great leap of faith) come from the Latin “Hierosylma Est Perdita” or “Jerusalem Is Lost” which does have a connection to some Pogroms of the 19th century.
However, the specific term “hip hip hooray” was recorded first in Britain in the 19th century in connection to making a toast.

Bugger is linked strongly to the terms Bugre (German - peasant or blockhead,) Boulgre/Bougre (Old French - heretic, traitor) Buggero/Bujarron (Italian/Spanish respectively, meaning Sodomite.) The direct etymology suggests the root of this heteric/sodomite line to Bulgaria is the sect of Bogolism. The term now refers to sex in general where it is often used, in Britain and formerly colonised areas.

Picnic as a word can be traced to 17th Century France, the word piquenique using the term piquer (to pick.) The overall usage referred to groups, each bringing a dish to a communal feast.

Gypsy is a current Racial slur. It is not like Hip Hip Hooray or Bugger or Picnic. And the root of the term Gypsy is in the misbelief that the Rroma peoples originated in Egypt. It is without any redeeming feature as a descriptor because its’ very root is in misbelief and misinformation. And that misbelief and misinformation has made a race persecuted, pogromed, holocausted, since time immemorial.

And then the term “Gypsy Witch” is doubly insensitive… Because, well, do we need to get into racial persecution + religious persecution + misogyny?

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