xtremecaffeine, I am keeping that ask in my hole forever because it is wonderful and I love it.


Knitting is so awesome and something that I used to love doing (although I suck at it- always pull the stitches too tight). I also used to love weaving. In fact when I was younger myself, my then BFF and my sister used to belong to a weaving guild. YEAH. We were cool as ice.

Knitting is so awesome! I’m not a good knitter and I refuse to work with small needles… So I got the biggest needles ever! Rachel Johns Extreme Knitting needles, 250mm dia, 900mm length! I did a blanket for my gran a couple years back, had to use about 6 balls of (THICK!) yarn at any one time.

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    OMG Yarn Buddies XD We should set out a project and like knit it and like share the pictures and ZOMG XD
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    This is now my knitting masterpost and is being saved as such.