Men’s Reproductive Rights







It should be illegal for a woman to give birth to a child without a signed consent form from the biological father. When a man doesn’t want a child, and the woman uses her religion as an excuse to not get an abortion (or any other reason) children are born without a loving home with two financially stable parents. This behavior has created endless problems in our society. I would posit that having children, like having sex, should be a decision reached mutually, and not forced upon a party by one overbearing, overzealous individual. Some feminists have suggested ‘sexual consent forms’. Why are there two different standards for getting consent for the sexual act, and the birthing act? Contrary to what Christians would have you believe, people have sex for pleasure, and only rarely set out with the intention of creating a child. Children are most often an accidental byproduct of the act. Women should not have a monopoly on reproductive rights.

If a man doesn’t want a child, he should be able to have control over what happens to his genetic material, in the same way that women have control over who has sex with them. Women are allowed to get abortions, even if the father wants to have the child. Another double-standard. A simple consent form accompanied with genetic samples can be used to ascertain the validity of a birth. If a woman wants to give birth, she’d better have a consent form from the father, as well as a signed contract specifying the terms of the relationship with the father, preferably with indication the pair will remain a couple indefinitely so that the child may have both a mother and a father, provided that both parties agree to those terms.

Not my words, but I have to agree.


Single parents are literally everywhere. And they do a damn good job, even though life can be difficult. Don’t fucking assume.

Further, forced abortions? Forced abortions? Why should I have to have consent from a man about what to do with my body or not? It’s bad enough that  a male-majority congress is trying to take away my right to elective abortion, but here is a ridiculous proposition that dehumanizes women even further.

The day men learn to become pregnant and deliver a baby through their penis, then we can talk about cisgendered men’s reproductive rights. Until then, are you doing the gestation? No? Then you don’t have the final say. My uterus, not yours. GTFO.

Men already have a mechanism for controlling what happens to their genetic material. It’s called practicing safe sex. OR, if you are just SO convinced that every woman in the world wants to have your spawn, vasectomy.



So this is nauseating. 

You know what - cismen so long as your genetic material is IN your body you can control it. But when it enters the body of someone with a uterus and starts to reside there, starts to become a possible DANGER to my body THAT is when I, and only I, can make decisions about it.

And don’t worry, OP. I would never want your genetic material. 


Men, you have the right to seek out and reproduce with a person who wishes to seek out and reproduce with you. What more is there? From the biological standpoint, the sperm-bearer’s direct biological input ENDS at conception. What happens after that is a case of a uterus-bearer’s body autonomy, and body autonomy is the root of all other rights. 

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    Until we men can carry a baby to term, and deliver it we need to shut The Fuck Up and Sit The Fuck Down. *DROPS MIC*
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    fuck the turd who came up with this bullshit.
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    *sigh* Are we really still acting like the possibility of paying child support is so much harder than pregnancy,...
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    Leave the poor mens alone.
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    If you define women as the only people who matter, yes. Consent is choice.
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    In what kind of fucked-up world are forced abortions pro-choice? It’s as anti-choice as forcing women to give birth.
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