Is This Terrorism?: Norway



So, it appears that a white Norwegian citizen committed the crime in Norway today. Already, the media is starting to call him deranged (which he may be, but is beside the point for right now). Why is it that everyone immediately blamed Muslims, yet no one is now blaming white people? Only Muslims are responsible for having to apologize for something another member of their faith does. Nobody demands Christians condemn anti-abortion murderers, or demand that Jews condemn violence from the settlers. This is how Orientalism functions. Arabs and Muslims are seen as  being defined by their Muslim religion, while Europeans and whites are seen as complex individuals with multiple motivations.

Oh, my favourite.  Islamophobia and ableism wrapped up in a pretty little package.  I’m glad I got out of journalism while I could.

I know. If it’s believed to be a Muslim, it’s part of the WAR ON FREEDOM TERROR AL QUAIDA OSAMA BIN LADEN WON’T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN?!

Whereas if it’s a white guy… He’s an isolated crazed maniac.

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