Just Smith.: The other side of feminism.




Why does a woman see misogyny when a man calls her a cunt, but a woman doesn’t see any problem with calling a man a dick?

I’m certainly not implying that all feminists do it, but I’ve followed (and unfollowed) enough feminist tumblrs to realize that some are…

Lol oh, just-smith. Maybe you can tell me about rape shaming, or how girls say no when they mean yes, or how we shouldn’t abort defenceless fetuses. not to mention all the slut shaming.

The arrogance of anti-feminists beggars belief.

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    Then it appears that we’re in agreement. I made a point of emphasizing the culture of violence associated with gendered...
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    While I see your point, I must say that overall I think you’re missing the main point of what was being said. The point...
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    The arrogance of anti-feminists beggars belief.
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    Or you could identify as feminist, and show that you are a feminist who is not “trying to be “greater” than men”? It...