Who Baby

Ryan Dewalt dressed his beautiful baby girl as every Doctor (and more). It doesn’t get any cuter than this.

Damn you Tumblr! I know you don’t want people to go overboard with their photosets, but there are ELEVEN Doctors!  Not Ten!  It was a tough decision, but poor 2nd Doctor Troughton missed out (but he’s embedded below!).

2nd Doctor: Patrick Troughton

Oh, and for the keen eyed observer: yes, you are quite correct. That’s actually a toy dog cosplaying as K9 in the 4th Doctor photo. Exactly as the artist intended.

OMG!!!!!!!!! This girl has the cutest daddy ever! These pics are SUPER cute!

Look at the 4th Doctor photo. Look at how that scarf is eating her. Ugh, this is precious.