"The patriarchal idea that pregnancy is the only reason for a woman to have sex is one of the fundamental social idiocies of patriarchy - the idea that women’s sexuality exists only for procreation, except when it is for male pleasure. Thus, sex is “good” for those purposes and “bad” for any other, such as female pleasure.
This, in turn, leads to the peculiar idea that a woman should be forced to have a baby, to “pay,” or be punished for having sex and becoming pregnant, by having a baby. This idea shames women for being sexual. The inhumanity of the contradiction becomes glaring when we take it to its logical conclusion - the defining of a baby as a punishment."

Linda Weber’s Life Choices: The Teachings of Abortion

[Idiocy is ableist, but I’m not sure what I’d replace it with. Too many words, probably. This quote is also ciscentric - there are people who can get pregnant who do not identify as women, and women who cannot get pregnant.]

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Women aren’t the only ones who can get pregnant but, other than that, I agree.

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TMI Tuesday thoughts

I suck at doing TMI’s. This is partly because the people on my dash I see offering TMI’s tend towards the female-identifying.

So I feel a bit ooky because I’m cismale… So I feel like TMI’ing in an overt sexual manner is appropriative of their sexuality and ultimately brings their expression into line with a male-centric concept of female sexuality.

Sooooooo… Yeah.