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TankGirl by *blitzcadet


TankGirl by *blitzcadet

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I’m 23. Look at me, I’m 23. I can see all from up here…. All the boys and girls…. All the dicks and fannys. And what of these sexual revolutions, boys and girls? Are you in the right sexual category? This is the question. Who gives a shit…… Dicks and balls dicks and fannys. Give me the celibate vegetarians from Mars anytime. I’d love to fuck you up. I’d love to fuck you up. Speaking of dicks, it’s Booga’s birthday today……. I’d better get the old tosser a present.. Right! Off to Dirty Fred’s Old Curiosity shop…

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Tank Girl 1 & 2

Tank Girl is a gorgeous comic and if you haven’t read it, you should.

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