The angry black SJWs on here want all of us whites to accept we are guilty of racism and apologize for being white…




How about they apologize for being black? 

Not that I actually agree with that cause no one should apologize for their race. But some how what I just said was exceedingly racist but for some reason what they are asking isn’t. Why? 

Because white people owned slaves a long time ago. That’s usually what their arguments amount to. 

Lemme break it down. My grandparents were immigrants from Germany back in the 40’s. There is no way they possibly owned a slave, no way anyone in my family history owned a slave. 

Lots of people fall under this category alright? Even if they don’t, no one who is alive now owned a slave and no one who was a slave is around now either. 

The holocaust happened in far closer recent history and you don’t hear the Jews citing that ALL the time for why they feel oppressed and yes Jews are a hated on minority in this country but since most of them are white here, I guess you’d say that doesn’t count. 

You need to realize that no one is saying there isn’t such a thing as racism. No one is arguing there isn’t oppression. No one will tell you on this blog that these things aren’t a problem and don’t exist. 

However, they shout on and on about how you can’t be racist, that only white people can, and the mere fact that they exist makes them racists is extremely ignorant and why we feel the need for rebuttal. 

You spout on and on about how YOU ARE ALLOWED TO SPEAK YOUR MIND and we will allow you too but the moment we do you tell us to SHUT UP and we can have NO PART OF THE CONVERSATION.

Well the first step to fixing a problem is creating an open dialogue in a mature, public forum. If you don’t allow both sides to speak on the issue you will never get equality. So if you disagree that White people can have opinions on this, you ultimately don’t want equality and what you are looking for is either genocide of white people or a world where we are all subservient to you. 

I won’t let either happen, no matter what it comes down to. Stop pretending you want something you actually don’t. Stop acting like children, looking for reasons to be offended, putting words in people’s mouths, and making people feel guilty for things they can’t help. 

So as ridiculous as it would be for a white person to ask a black person to feel guilty about the color of their skin, the opposite is just as ridiculous and racist as well.  

Anyone wanna take a crack at this?

It’s Christmas Eve and we’re too tired.

Actually… we’ll take a crack at some things…

We’re not looking for genocide of White people. We’re looking for White people to be aware of their own ignorance of present day laws that help keep the current order of things the way it is.

You can have a part of the conversation as long as you know two things:

1) When to actually shut up and listen.

2) When to REALLY listen.

Listening is something that most people of your caliber fails to comprehend. We can speak about a simple point, but then you turn into one of the few things:

  • Victim-Blaming
  • Using Historical Figures Quotes without consideration of the context
  • Saying “Slavery is over, get over it” (That’s like saying “get over rape!”)
  • Use present day celebrities/personalities as examples of “oppression is not real”

Your family is from a foreign land. What the fuck you want, a cookie?

Yes, we said what the fuck you want, a cookie - simply because we have foreign land parents too!

Your skin = benefits. You will get benefits. Illegal United Kingdom people will get more benefits than legally colored US Citizens.

So, you want to be part of a solution? Try LISTENING and STOP JUMPING CONCLUSIONS because we’re tried of talking and educating.

The more and more I’m thinking about it and seeing their posts in these tags, the more I believe this is the one that jumped in on that post about the blogger who got attacked with eggs and was called a racial slur, and then made it about herself. But it’s just a guess.

In any case, I like how they say that we must create an open dialogue because as pointed out earlier today, dumblrfeminist doesn’t want an open-dialogue.



i kinna just wish non-black PoC would admit that they love using us and stepping over (and on) us to get their communities uplifted and will do anything in their power to make sure we’re available to line the floor of their stompfest

including pretending they want to solve the anti-blackness problems in their communities by forcing black people to suffer in those communities long term to “teach” them to see us like people

east and south asians just been fuckin up

between THIS shit

and molesting my little sister

i am just not here for y’all rn

Anyone who demands other people suffer for your education?

Ain’t trying to do SHIT for justice.  This is what I mean when I talk about how supposed activists and progressives basically demand servitude even in “creating justice” - they want Black folks to educate, to suffer to put up with their shit (supposedly for their education, though, you’d think having seen this enough times throughout history, it’d be better to open a book RATHER THAN DO IT AGAIN), but of course, all this really reveals is that they weren’t about doing right in the first place.

Everyone wants those rights Black people fought so all POC could have, but no one wants to GIVE those same rights to the Black people.

And white-identifying and anti-black APIA folks be so upset when I call them on this shit.

Either we all get equality or it doesn’t exist.  Either we all get justice or it doesn’t exist.

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"An 80-year-old woman who remembers when the United States helped defeat the Nazis faces charges for tearing down posters of President Barack Obama with a Hitler mustache."

80-Year-Old Woman Arrested for Taking Down Posters of Obama with Hitler Mustache | NBC 7 San Diego (via sarahlee310)

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Welp.  Can’t even count how many friends I know who have done this struggle and seen shit fall down.
It becomes a point where you can’t just say, “I feel like your org is bullshit” without seeming like you’re on some conservative bullshit, when really, it’s because you can see the disingenuous exploitation getting pulled on folks.
It also says basically everything how dedicated people are to keeping their privilege, even as they “fight” for equality.


Welp.  Can’t even count how many friends I know who have done this struggle and seen shit fall down.

It becomes a point where you can’t just say, “I feel like your org is bullshit” without seeming like you’re on some conservative bullshit, when really, it’s because you can see the disingenuous exploitation getting pulled on folks.

It also says basically everything how dedicated people are to keeping their privilege, even as they “fight” for equality.

"I don’t favor violence. If we could bring about recognition and respect of our people by peaceful means, well and good. Everybody would like to reach his objectives peacefully. But I’m also a realist. The only people in this country who are asked to be nonviolent are Black people. I’ve never heard anybody go to the Ku Klux Klan and teach them nonviolence, or to the [John] Birch Society and other right-wing elements. Nonviolence is only preached to Black Americans, and I don’t go along with anyone who wants to teach our people nonviolence until someone at the same time is teaching our enemy to be nonviolent. I believe we should protect ourselves by any means necessary when we are attacked by racists…."

Malcolm X

Answer to question. “Is it true, as is often said, that you favor violence?” Asked by the Young Socialist Magazine.

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After reading the quote/rationale by the man who murdered Emmitt Till , the context for this sort of statement seems pretty…jarringly truthful. 

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The black experience in America is the default analogy/metaphor/allegory for other people’s complaints. White feminists call themselves the Niggers of the World. White homosexuals think they are the New Black. White Liberals think corporations and banks treat them like slave owners treated their slaves. That last comparison is most egregious given what slavery actually was (murder, rape, forced free labor, terrorism) and given that populations that suffer most at the hands of corporations and banks don’t like in the United States.

The worst part, though? The black people who co-sign and add legitimacy to the nonsense because they, too, have been taught a warped history.


Son of Baldwin (via sonofbaldwin)

Whenever anyone says, “X is the new Black”, it shows that what they are actually angry about is some treatment that is happening to Black people now, usually in much worse ways, is OK for Black people but not ok for group X…

…in which case, the argument isn’t against the injustice itself, it’s the notion of being treated like Black people.

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Is faptivism a word?


Self-congratulatory fake activism that just makes the faptivist feel so good?

Faptivists buy lots of Toms and have KONY2012 posters up and maybe even donated some money to that elderly monitor lady who got harassed on the bus.

But they think it’s okay to say the n-word and dress up in war paint for “native american theme parties” and make sandwich jokes.  Their faptivism acts like an activist carbon offset for all the oppressive things they do and support daily.

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The Clean Hands of Hate & other passive aggressive bullshit


Time to point something out, again.

Here’s something that the extremists do.   Someone decides to be a mouthpiece- they say the hateful, inflammatory shit.  They point to targets and why they’re evil.  They often will even start trying to reveal personal information about the person - make sure their photos are up, where they work, and, if they want to get bold, phone numbers and mailing addresses.

Then they sit back and the crowd they gathered says even more hateful shit, not coded, not hidden.  The crowd gives threats.  The crowd sends hateful letters, starts harassing, making violent overtures all the way up to acting in violence.

And the mouth piece sits back and goes, “Oh, it wasn’t ME.  I didn’t say any of that.  I didn’t DO any of that.”

And, it’s true, to a degree.  But here’s where that shit is twisted and tells you everything about this person.

Let someone who is targeted call them out, cuss them out, express anger.

Now suddenly you can step up and say the victim is the victimizer, now they’re the violent ones, the irrational, the hateful, the abuser?

After the mouthpiece just let all sorts of hateful, and clearly violent comments go by, now they find this one moment of response to be “beyond the line”.

If you can work up the energy to call this out, but not the other shit that was x1000 times worse?   

You’ve just revealed you’re not about rational discourse, you’re not even about this “line” of decency you suddenly draw in the ground - you’re OK with one group abusing another and not with the target defending themselves.   You’re an enabler and a supporter and instigator of everything you’re condoning at this point.   You’ve moved from “not-involved with the responses” to “supportive of the hate”.

This ain’t new.  It’s why an unarmed child cannot have self defense but a violent racist who chases him down with a gun, can.  It’s why women can’t say “vagina” without offending someone as they pass laws to make vagina’s the property of anyone except the person who it’s attached to.   It’s why “kill all muslims” can be said without breaking any laws but “get out of my country” puts you on a terrorist list.

And yeah, it comes down to stuff like fandom and personal circles.   Because it’s never about WHAT is right.  It’s always about who is always CONSIDERED right, regardless of the actual situation.

If you tell me a 5 year old child punching an adult is just as bad, or worse than an adult punching a 5 year old child?   If you can’t comprehend that power differences make for different situations and considerations?   

I’d say you’re stupid, but that’s not true - you’re just a disingenuous liar and a coward- too chickenshit and dishonest to say what you really feel, and desperately trying to find some conniving ass bullshit way to promote hate.  

Welcome to the world of protecting abusers, oppressors and the hate filled shitholes of the world.

Hope it feels good to be a champion at something.


“Why I, An Asian Man, Fight Anti-Black Racism” by Scot Nakagawa


Why I, An Asian Man, Fight Anti-Black Racism” by Scot Nakagawa


My activist friend, Jack Stephens, took me to Chinatown, and I met with some of his friends who work for Chinese Progressive Association. They advocate for better living and working conditions for low income/working class Chinese immigrants in the city, and they also ally with other oppressed minority communities in San Francisco. They have organized many big protests and rallies in the city. Chinatown is one of the poorest neighborhoods in San Francisco despite being a hot tourist spot. The CPS comrades are very cool. Please check out CPS website

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No idea who she is, but I liked her sign. 


No idea who she is, but I liked her sign. 

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Spring is coming

Spring is coming

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Lucy Lawless Arrested in Eco-Protest


by Aishwarya Bhatt 

Wellington, New Zealand, Feb 27 (THAINDIAN NEWS) Shell’s plan to drill five exploratory wells in the Arctic received a major boost when the police removed six protesters including actress Lucy Lawless from the drilling vessel Noble Discoverer in Port Taranaki.

Lucy and five other Greenpeace campaigners climbed up the ship and prevented the vessel from starting on its trip which was scheduled to start over the weekend. The protesters stayed in the 174-foot drilling tower.

Read More

Steal This Wiki



This is my favorite fucking wiki out there. Every person interested in activism and/or anarchy/socialism and shit should read this. It’s badass. I’ll quote from the main page

“The project is divided into three major categories.

  • Survive is a primer on basic level survival in tough times. Here, you will find information on everything from how to eat on the cheap, getting through high school, living on the street, knowing about drugs, and much more!
  • Fight is an advanced skills section for use after you have gotten your survival needs taken care of. Topics range from use of firearms, leadership skills, good use of the internet, getting the hell out of dodge, and even petty theft if you are desperate or crazy!
  • Lastly, Liberate is a section on individual cities written from a free spirit’s viewpoint. If you are stuck in a small town going nowhere and want to leave for adventure, Free Cities may have some good information for you”

Reblogging this again because EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ THIS NOW!

Especially anarchists.


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Support the EFF.

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"When I think back to the anti-globalization movement, and the 2001 FTAA protests in Quebec City, I am only appreciative of the fact that I was further radicalized. Thankfully my experiences in this movement eventually led me to ask why it produced nothing significant in a revolutionary sense, despite historically revisionist claims to the latter, and why a mass movement was incapable of doing anything except having multiple massive demonstrations and then falling apart on September 11, 2001. Here was a movement that had its leaders, though it pretended otherwise, an in-group of cliquish activists who imagined that they were revolutionary but who mistook revolution for running around in tear-gas and screaming that “the whole world is watching.” If they were proper revolutionaries they would have tried to have some foresight, tried to turn this movement into something sustainable that could actually try and produce revolution––but if you aren’t interested in the practical and concrete questions surrounding revolutionary struggle, the questions every significant revolutionary movement has had to ask and try to answer, and imagine it’s just going to happen like a beautiful flood composed of unique raindrops, then you’re not performing revolution. You’re performing protest and activism, and maybe you should be blamed for having allowed a movement die because you wouldn’t allow it to be properly structured."

“Down with Activism, Up with Revolution- JMP at (via malheureuxmarxist)

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