Please watch

“Dear friends,
We, the nobodies of Afghanistan, ask this with love.
This is the love which our mothers have taught us. So please, don’t belittle this love with the haughty confusion of ‘Muslim’ or ‘Christian’ anger and hate.
We plead with trembling because people are dying, dying in ways which rob us of all human meaning and which cause us to cry.
To our own Afghan elite, the American elite and the coalition elite of our failing world :
Please behave like adult human beings!
You are trapped as unfortunate models of an unsustainable, a-rational, a-moral, global militant system that is grossly self-seeking ( forgive us for sounding like we’re about to vomit or throw shoes at your Presidents… )
Please stop your childish, frantic and violent nonsense in Afghanistan.
You imagine that you must ‘win’ more wars, more power and more wealth to ‘win’ votes and remain as cruel kings, but if and when you’ve proclaimed ‘victory’ over the dead, remember that neither the dead nor the living will honour you.
You no longer represent the wishes of your ordinary citizens.
What you have been representing are the cowardly vices that we detest about ourselves, vices we’re all prone to but which we must shun : utter greed, pride and self-interest.
So please, for now or forever, go as far away from us as your fancy planes will take you.” - Hakim and the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers

(via fuckyeahsouthasia)