I cannot possibly verbally (or in any other form) properly explain to you how very very tired I am of whiteness.


Of being able to go the the movies and see full, 2 and a half hour features of nothing but white people. (Not to mention if someone makes a movie with a good amount of black people, suddenly its a niche film just for blacks, but white movies are for all, ya’ll!)

Its like we worship them on the daily. On our computer screens, our TV screens, our movie screens. With our hair, with our learned capitalism, our jesus-love. Worship worship worship.

Do any of them even KNOW that they are not the world’s majority?

When you are not, at all, the world’s majority of the population, yet you dominate in such a way that it is impossible to live in any “developed” part of the world without being effected by beauty standards that adhere to your people, enjoy entertainment that is so heavily populated by your people, when you and your white skin have become the norm for us all, when you can walk through the financial district of NYC amongst $4000/mo. studio apartments, all rented by people that look like you, with doormen/maids/homeless folk that look like me, how do you NOT see your privilege?

How does that bootstrap/”we worked hard”/”we gave you your rights” drivel really cloud the vision so successfully? What, you think brown/black skin folks are inherently ALL lazy? Let’s think about this. I mean look around, what much is different between now and the technical slave state we were in not that long ago?

What really is different? I’m still serving your pleasure, smiling in your face, working overtime constantly just for the bare minimum while you lavish about. Just to be able to afford a not-so-sturdy roof over my head and the cheapest food I can find. Really. The amount you are handed is just infuriating. How do you not see?

How did we come to praise and aspire to be like the people who have and still are oppressed/oppressing us? We want to be billionaires so freaking bad? What? No. Snap out of it. That’s how we got here in the first place.

I don’t want a white mask. I don’t want a perm. I don’t want to be a capitalist. I do not want to be you, I want to end you. I want to live. I want people who look like me to be able to live to. To eat. Not to die working just to live, that is ass backwards.

I’m so tired of ya’ll.