“Hip Hop” by Beau Sia 


How come no one told me “chinky eyes” was a compliment?!
Yo, I wanna be down, too.
I must be confused between lyrics like
Damn, she’s fly/
high, with chinky eyes
” and
“Chinky-eyed Korean/
spy and if I’ll buy.”
I don’t understand the words.
Why don’t you teach me?
Is there a word for the eyes of Puerto Ricans?
Did white racists in the 1800’s invent that word, too?
How were the words handed down?
Are they used like this?
‘At once you could hear the screaming chinks!’
Did someone else also turn your racial slurs into compliments on your behalf?
Did you feel as empowered as I did
learning that non-Chinks made Chink ok for everyone else to say?
I feel so ignorant!
Yo, is it cool now to use racial slurs to talk about someone’s physical features?
Like is that what’s hip?
Are there rock songs about n-word asses?
Country songs about w-back hair?
Pop songs about a woman’s rhymes-with-bike nose?
I wanna know!
I’m stupid.
Up until two weeks ago, I thought most urban radio personalities were white.
You know, ‘cause I figured anyone who had suffered at the hands of oppression, right,
would neeeever be insensitive to my mother’s struggle.
But forgive me!
I’m sorry!
I had no idea that we were at the dawn of a new age!
Do you hear that my white friends?
Now you and your one black friend can recite 50’s lyrics together!!!
All minorities have stopped allowing the hegemony to pit us against one other.
Every race issue has been resolved.
My fellow chinks, formerly known as Asians, these offensive terms aren’t ratings,
aren’t economic frustrations misguided
and William Hung is not a joke, so don’t be offended!!!
Die -oh-die-oh-die-oh-die-oh-die!
Don’t fight for equal media representation!
Don’t boycott parent companies!
And don’t ever argue when someone else tries to tell you about YOUR experience!
‘Cause if you don’t know, NOW ya know

(via fascinasians)