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Punx Is Oppressors


A story I’ve heard from many people is how hypocritical punx and anarchist punk types can be when it comes to policing people’s bodies and choices. While punks without anarchist politics can be just as fucked up as conservative christians or homophobic bro dudes, we do hope for something a bit more from those that “circle the A” in a serious way. Many will be anti-certain kinds of oppression, usually the big, easy to figure out ones like sexism and racism. Some will be body positive, sex positive, anti cop and anti capitalist. This is all great, any step in the right direction is a good step.

While many who take their politics seriously are body posi and supposedly reject mainstream ideals of attractiveness, a lot of punks still police other people on how they should look.

I have had many friends shamed by “radical punks” for starting to looking punk, not looking punk, for changing what sort of punk you they like (from street into crust, from crust into goth, hardcore to crust, hardcore to skin, whatever), for changing how they look and essentially telling them, you are poser, no matter what you do. Love the music? Don’t care. In Portland, most people who move here change into d-beat/crust punks because that is the local music scene.

Who cares if someone changes how they look every fucking day? If it makes them happy, why does it matter to anyone else? Why is it any of your business what someone does with their body? Why do you think you have the right to tell someone who they can or cannot be? How dare you tell someone that they are “fake” or not a “real” punk. I am sick of this bullshit high horse some folks get on when they think they’ve been in the “scene” for a few years. This is why I don’t give a fuck about the “scene” and I befriend people for their political beliefs.

None of us were born with bullet belts around our waists. None of us came out of the womb with a discharge tattoo. Everyone starts somewhere, and most of us change throughout the courses of our lives. ~*~get over it~*~

Fucking stop policing how other people look. It is not okay.