And you know we live in a white supremacist world ..


  • when white people can wage wars on false pretenses, deplete the economy of trillions of dollars during the biggest economic disaster of the past 100 years, kill/rape/sodomize millions and destroy the fundamental fiber of a country‚Äôs being, justify it by using a crime that happened by several radical over a decade ago and the victims in the middle east are looked at as being dangerous.
  • and when they can use the media to portray Blacks and Latinos as being dangerous, while simultaneously robbing poorer Black and Latino nations of their resources, causing the starvation/displacement of many and bolstering how savage like the people residing in the poorer nations are when civil wars start, that they instigate.
  • and when america can exploit Syria and Libya for their lack of human rights and disregard to pro, while pregnant women and college students are being pepper-sprayed and beaten in their own backyards.
  • and when white people are automatically the default in the west, therefore under/misrepresenting people of color (which inherently is racist), but people are calling out racism at the sight of native american history month, ebony magazine, etc.

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