reasons why:



I know I am greek

  • I like hummus 
  • I like to smash shit and say OMMPAAAA

I think I am asian

  • I look asian
  • I find other asians attractive 
  • I seriously look asian, like people have asked me before
  • I can’t drive

I think I am hispanic

  • I love all food that comes from all hispanic countries
  • I like guys who play soccer and their soccer asses
  • I have an awesome spanish accent (for a white girl)
  • I have this strange instinct to dance whenever I hear latin music
  • I got hips like a spanish gurllll
  • I think hispanic guys are hot (but who doesn’t) 

I think I am black

  • My dad is BFF’s with all the Kenyans at his work
  • I have a huge ass

I know I am white

  • Because I wish I wasn’t 

…..and here, ladies and gentlemen, we have the privilege-denying white person in their natural habitat.  Watch as they deny any sort of benefit from being white, while simultaneously “identifying as other races” simply because of their own false, preconceived notions of said minorities! Observe their complete lack of understanding in terms of what is offensive, racist bullshit and what is not.  Note the completely misplaced sense of self-pity.  

(And, ok, somebody please enlighten me as to “what asian looks like” because I SWEAR TO GOD ASIA A FUCKING CONTINENT AND A WHOLE BUNCH OF SURROUNDING ISLANDS and somehow white people know what that entire huge conglomeration of people “look like”)

Also “My dad knows all the Kenyans from work”?


(Source: babycakeniall)